Fashion as the Book

(Photos & text provided by Meg Welch)

These photos were taken at Palas Mall ( in Iasi (pronounced Yash), Romania on March 14th, 2014. Iasi has had an annual book fair for about twenty years, and this exhibit was part of it.
The dresses are all made out of magazines, newspapers, and books. The sign in last photo gives a list of all the dressmakers. The dresses are all full sized and very well constructed. With no guard and not even a roped off area, they had already survived the whole week on display and looked this beautiful.

Iasi is an industrial town that is attempting to become the 2027 European Cultural Capital. Palas Mall was built in the past two years, and the name refers to the Iasi Cultural Palace that it is adjacent to.

Meg says, "We go to Iasi periodically since, now that we can't go to Odessa, it's the place we can go to get a bit more sophistication than in Chisinau itself."