Below is an overview of the chapter's current community outreach projects. Let us know if you have any questions:

Bookmarks for Literacy: This started as a 2012 Challenge and the flow of bookmarks has petered out. I think Bette Kelley will still take them for her local library if anyone wanted to do more.

Soldier Kissing Pillows: This has morphed from a chapter effort into members sending directly to chapters involved in distribution. Email Lynn for more info if you are interested.
If you're a newer member and are not familiar with this project: they are little pillows with a simple cross stitched design on the front (a red heart, with "I love you" inside, and two stars), stitched on 14 count Aida fabric. They are designed to be used as a keepsake for the children and loved ones left behind by the soldiers departing for service overseas. The soldier will kiss the pillow and give one to each of his or her loved ones to hold onto until he or she returns from war. We hope the pillows will be a comfort during the lonely times both for the family and for the soldier. Our chapter members stitch them, and send to an outreach committee member who has contacts for distribution of the finished pillows to soldiers. If you would like to stitch a pillow or two or more, you can find the pattern here:
This was meant to be an ongoing project, for as long as necessary, and has meant a lot to the many soldiers who received them. Note: if you have any extra patriotic-theme backing fabric(s), these could also be used by chapter(s) who are coordinating Kissing Pillow donations/recipients. If you stitch a pillow(s), send me an email to receive a mailing address.

Outreach for One:

We also realize that some members may prefer to participate in stitching-related community outreach projects as individuals. To that end, the chapter has a created a list of "Outreach for One" projects. The list is not all-inclusive, and we encourage chapter members to add to the list as they discover other projects -- in fact, the list is now member-maintained. You can find the list within this yahoo group in the Files section or at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cyberstitchers_ega/files/OUTREACH%20FOR%20...

Ornaments for Breast Cancer:
For the past few years, chapter members have stitched Christmas- or Winter-themed ornaments (any technique), and sent them to our chapter project coordinator, Karen W, who then takes them to the Attic Needlework shop in Arizona near where she lives for a silent auction for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  This project did not take off in 2014.  We will have to visit this again in 2015 to see if there is interest. 

If you do participate in any outreach projects as an individual, we ask that you do mention your membership in CyberStitchers Chapter EGA when you send your stitched donation. Also, we have members in countries other than the USA; if you know of any projects outside the USA, feel free to let us know about them!

Let me or any chapter officer know if there's any group project which you think might be appropriate for our large, far-flung chapter membership.  

Some great ideas fell by the wayside this year.  We are a large chapter and should be able to create a lot of beauty for our world.  If you have any ideas for Chapter Outreach, please bring them up at our next meeting!

Have a great (stitching) week!

Lynn Burshtin, Chair
Outreach Committee
CyberStitchers Chapter, EGA