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Color Theory:
I know many of you are interested in color theory and how to blend colors into your own designs. This blog is a great resource you can use to learn about techniques and ideas. Please be aware the author has her own business and sells over dyed threads;
Cyberstitchers does not endorse her or her business, but there is a great deal of information on the site that can be helpful. 

Camille Nixdorf Phelan:
Camille Phelan created two quilts in the early twentieth century that are masterpieces. One, the American Quilt, was auctioned off earlier this year and sold for just over $19,000; here is a link to the article on the quiltviews website and the auction website, which includes several photos. The quilt is simply amazing.

Photos https://www.cowanauctions.com/auctions/item.aspx/?id=155301
OK historical society http://www.okhistory.org/publications/enc/entry.php?entry=PH001

Unicorn Tapestries:

Here is a fantastic series of tapestries from the 15th century at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They are beautiful renditions of a mythological theme. Enjoy
History https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hunt_of_the_Unicorn


Videos and Lectures:
I thought I should make sure everyone is aware of a resource available on the national website (https://egausa.org/resources/videos. There are several videos of lectures for a couple of topics that might interest you. I'm not sure when they were uploaded since I don't recall seeing them before so I assume there are many members who are not aware of them either. You need to be logged into the website since it's in the members only section. The topics are:

Yellow Bird Productions, Native Beads and Dance Regalia Showcase (5 videos)

Italian Needlework Treasures (5 videos)