Education Report:
It's pretty quiet right now for the education committee. All the BEE's are underway and the Whirlygig class starts this week.

We are working classes for 2016 and hope to have a schedule available a few months out so people have plenty of time for budgeting. We can also do some advertising and hopefully get some more participation, exposure, new members, etc.
We also need to decide what we will do with the education grant and get that ball rolling, and the committee would really like another member or two to participate to spread out the workload, but I know that's a common problem for most committees.

Are you interested in helping out with the education committee; we could use some volunteers. Send me an email if you would like to help plan future events and classes.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Education Chair

Petite Projects:

Follow the link on our website to a large selection of Petite Projects provided by National.  We also have our own created b members, Little Extras.

New Group Correspondence Courses: 

Keeping in Shape and Meadow Medley featuring Teachers Gwen Nelson and Luan Callery


Enjoy Keeping in Shape by creating this lovely necklace featuring thirteen three-dimensional geometric pieces representing the thirteen EGA regions. It is further embellished with Swarovski crystals and rondelles. Techniques used in this course include circular and flat peyote, herringbone stitch, and beading techniques.


For Meadow Medley, DMC floss on cotton broadcloth works well to bring these meadow flowers to life. The stitches and colors are planned to enhance the design with texture and dimension while honing your embroidery skills.  Diagrams and pictures appear throughout the text.  Along with the cover photograph, there is an actual size photocopy of the piece detailing each stitch. Stitches used include lazy daisy with a twist, split and satin stitch, outline, French knots, bullion knots and fly stitch.




Individual Correspondence Course with Celeste Chalasani: ​
Journey into the World of Raised Embroidery: Stumpwork Techniques

Vegetable Sampler 1


This is an in-depth study of the various techniques used in stumpwork. Students will learn by completing the work. Each lesson focuses on a specific technique that students will practice and culminates in a project that is provided or one of the student's choosing. The project for the last lesson is a stumpwork sampler which applies every technique the student has learned into one final piece.

Supplementary videos will be available on the Member's Only area of the EGA website.

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Lightening Rounds:
The latest BIG news in the GCC Program is the introduction of “The GCC Lightning Rounds”!  These are four rotating courses that are offered quarterly for all EGA members to register for without a group.  This is particularly favorable for Members-At-Large and small EGA chapters that have difficulty filling a larger group in order to take a Group Correspondence Course.  “The GCC Lightning Rounds” will include four courses every three months.  The schedule for these quarterly courses is as follows: March to May, June to August, September to November, and December to February. The time to complete your course remains the same – just the window for registration is limited.


The following group courses are open to individuals at the special rate of $30 per student plus text fee:  

From September 1, 2015 - November 30, 2015


New Dates for Fantastic Class Opportunities!
Gary Clarke Revised Tour
EGA Seminar 2015 
International Teacher Tour
Don't miss this opportunity for new tour dates! There are a limited number of openings (and time to reserve your seat) available in the following International Teacher Tour venues listed below.
For registration fees, e-mail the contact listed for each venue. For class descriptions, photos, & kit fees follow this link on the EGA Website.
General questions? Contact Edna at 
Gary Clarke:
Location: Naples, FL
Class Name: Turkish Delight
Dates: November 6&7
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Class Name: Turkish Delight and Brooches
Dates: November 10&11
Location: Fridley, MN
Class Name: Buttons, Brooches
Dates: November 13&14
Location: Houston, TX
Class Name: Buttons, Brooches
Dates: November 16&17
Location: Houston, TX
Class Name: Turkish Delight
Dates: November 18&19
Location: Houston, TX
Class Name: Buttons
Dates: November 20&21
Location: Camarillo, CA
Class Name: Buttons, Brooches
Dates: November 30/December 1
Location: San Mateo, CA
Class Name: Turkish Delight Embellishment
Dates: December 3
Location: Novato, CA
Class Name: Jacobean White Work
Dates: December 4&5
Location: Morgan Hill, CA
Class Name: Seahorse, Corded White Work
Dates: December 6
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Class Name: Creating with Organza
Dates: December 8&9
Location: Nashville, TN
Class Name: Buttons
Dates: December 12&13