The 2014 BEEs are getting ready to kick off around August 1 and payment was due.  This year's BEE classes are:

Bargello Challenge
Fallen Leaves
Make a Joyful Stitch
Mark and Paint on Canvas
Spring Splendor

We have databases for each class selected and you should receive an invitation to join the group for your class.the class. With the new Yahoo Neo system you need to fill your information in the database.

Retiring GCCs

The GCCs retiring in 2014 are:

Florentine and Tulips in June, 2014
One of a Kind in December 2014
Make a Joyful Noise in December 2014

You can see all the GCCs at:

Lightening Round: courses are again being offered by National for $30 plus the cost of the text. You have until August 31 to sign up for these classes:
Classes will run from June 1 - August 31
Spring Splendor
Finishing with Flair
17th Century English Style Sampler

Special Teachers Classes:
This year we will be offering three classes with teachers that we have been working this past year. We have some grant money available from the Tennessee Valley Region to use towards the cost of these classes. Cindy Steinhoff is the coordinator for these classes. The class presently being set up is Hearts and Ribbons.

Hearts and Ribbons:

The education committee is excited to announce the next special class, Hearts & Ribbons by Toni Gerdes. This canvas embroidery class is a beautiful geometric design available in three colorways with different combinations of fabrics and sizes. A description of the class has been uploaded to the Chat4 file section along with a biography of Toni Gerdes, also copied below. You can also see the information on her website .

The class will run from October 10 - November 7; the cost will be determined based on how many people participate. The maximum cost for the class will be $65, when we have the final count the cost will be adjusted and announced. There is a minimum class size of 10 and no maximum. Toni has agreed to provide the option of purchasing a kit from her directly for $70. The postage will be $8 for US, $20.55 for Canada, and $24.75 for other international locations and will be sent via international priority. A database will be setup and registration will begin on July 23rd with payment due from August 12-26.  The class will run much like a BEE class.

A special thanks to Cindy for all her hard work and persistence in ironing out the details and working with Toni to bring this class to us.

 Toni Gerdes Bio:

 Toni Gerdes holds Level II Teachers’ certification from the National Academy of Needlearts specializing in canvas embroidery. She currently serves on the Board of NAN as the Assistant Director of Teachers’ Certification and on the Board of Directors for Mile High ANG chapter as President. She is currently the Vice President of NETA. She has received numerous awards for her designs. Toni has taught for NAN, EGA, and
 ANG, as well as guilds & shops. She has been published in Needlepointers, Needlepoint Now, and in Needle Arts as the Artist Across America. She enjoys all types of stitching and especially sharing her knowledge with others. She currently resides in Colorado. See pictures of her work at .

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Angela Farrington
Education Chair

The 2014 UFO Challenge:
kicked off at the January meeting. The deadline for signing up for the challenge is the end of the March meeting. A number of members have already registered in the database in the Yahoo group and are happily stitching on their UFOs! We are using the same definition of UFO that we used in 2013: A UFO is a project with at least one stitch in it. Finished is defined as completing the stitching. The item does not have to be framed, sewn, mounted, etc., to be considered finished. Cindy Steinhoff is again in charge of the challenge for this year.

Stitching Buddies:
A database will soon be set up for those who want to participate. This is for those working on their UFO pile and/or those who don't have UFOs but have projects they want to accomplish during the year. If you are interested fill in your profile so you can be paired up with a Stitching Buddy. You have until the end of the month to fill in the database at: so you can be paired up Stitching Buddy and you can start working together.

Creativity Contest:

2014 Creativity Contest

Here are the rules for the Creativity Contest. I tried to make the criteria clear, but let me know if you have any questions.

Criteria - please follow these rules for your design.

1. Use a single color family - you can use as many shades as you want, but they must all be blue, or green, etc.

2. Include two different stitches - you can use a daisy stitch for flowers, a cluster of french knots for the sun, etc.

3. Use two different techniques - use cross stitch and blackwork or pulled thread and surface embroidery. There must be enough of both techniques to be readily identified

4. Design a seasonal theme - use butterflies or flowers for summer, golden leaves or pumpkins for fall, etc.

5. Include one thing you've never tried before. It can be the type of stitch, technique or something else. This can be as small or large a part of the design as you wish. (We'll have to take your word for this one. <g>) For example, if you're afraid of french knots do 4-5 in a row for smoke from a chimney.

Have fun and be creative, think outside the box. If you can make a reasonable explanation for how your design fits the theme we'll take it. Maybe you always think of cupcakes for summer because your grandmother celebrated the last day of school by baking you some. Then design cupcakes!

Here is a website that gives some tips for beginning designers. 

Check out Little Extras and Petite Projects on our website in the Members Area.


VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED - Education is a big part of CyberStitchers and we are always looking for new volunteers.

Respectively submitted by the Education Committee,
Angela Farrington, Chair
Julie Baumler
Virginie Cornaglia
Cindy Steinhoff Meg Welch