Chapter, Region, and National News:


Check out the December issue of Needle Arts.  There is a new president of EGA National, and she is a member of CyberStithers!  Congratulations Leslie Gagliardi.  Checking out Leslie's Bio on EGA National's website, you will find she is a charter member of the Gentle Pursuits of Richmond, Virginia Chapter and is also a member of several other chapters including CyberStitchers. She joined EGA in 1994 and has served several times as chapter president, vice president-programs, secretary, and region representative. At the region level, she has been outreach chairman, education chairman, assistant region director and region director of the Mid-Atlantic Region, and at the national level, she was the outreach chairman and has served on the product sales and design and nominating committees.

Leslie earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Lawrence University in Wisconsin. After living in Florida and North Dakota, she worked as a probate paralegal in California and moved to Virginia with her Navy husband in 1986. In addition to service to EGA, she is also active in the Daughters of the American Revolution and Odd Fellows. She enjoys spending time with her four grandsons.

Congratulations Madame President!


President's Challenge 2015:

Winners will be announced in Janaury.  This year's challenge was to take pieces that are already stitched, or you can make something new. Finish them into something that isn't framed - an ornament, a cushion,a stand up, a box, something. At least one of the pieces must be donated for the annual outreach auction. You will be entered into a drawing when the piece reaches the auction collection person. Other bits finished are great, too! Let's see how many things we can get out of drawers and onto display!

Membership Report – December 2015 

We have seen our membership increase by 2 members since the last board meeting. 

Primary members – 92 
Plural within the TVR Region – 9 (increase of 1)
Plural outside of the TVR Region – 70 (increase of 1)

for a total of 171 (increase of 2) 

United States – 155
Canada 10
Australia 3
Ireland 1
Japan 1
United Kingdom 1

Respectfully submitted,

Kathie Morrison
CS Membership Chair
Membership Report – October 2015


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Kathie at


Payments to the Chapter:

Most chapter payments can now be done through our website. You can process payment for your dues, register for your BEEs classes, etc.

ALL payments need to be entered on the website so that we can 'process' it. This is mostly for record-keeping purposes, but it is vital that you follow the proper procedure so we can account for every member for each payment. Payment through the website's shopping cart (or "Store") will generate a receipt for you. 
Online payments go through Paypal.  Remember to include your name and EGA # in the Notes section for PayPal.  Checks should be sent to:
c/o Susan McAndrew
39 English Commons
Topsfield, MA 01983
Again, on your check please write your EGA#.  With our large membership it will make life a LOT easier on any of our volunteers that need to handle payments.

Updating information:

A REMINDER:  If your information (name, address, etc) changes it is your responsibility to let us know.  We will be glad to make the change on our paperwork but we need to know about it to do so.  This is important for mailing of booklets, class materials, etc.   You are responsible for letting EGA National know of your changes so that they can make the corrections/updates on the National end (for your magazine, etc).  For EGA National, you can send your information to Tonya Parks at  If you are updating with CyberStitchers, please use this form

Who's Who for Cyberstitchers with links to their CyberStitchers emails:

The Board of Directors for CyberStitchers EGA is made up of three sub-groups.  The Executive Committee, the Standing Committee Chairs, and the Ad Hoc Committee Chairs.  Only the first two of these groups have voting privileges.
The members of the Board are:
President - Meg Welch
Vice President -  Peggy Ledger
Internet VP - Susan Simko
Secretary - Wendi Girard
Treasurer - Susan McAndrew
Membership Chair - Kathie Morrison
Newsletter - Sue Sherburne
Historian - Sue Sherburne
Education Chair - Angela Farrington
Marketing - Lisa Dunn
Outreach Chair - Bonnie Herrmann
Region Representative - Fay Shaw
Special Interest Groups Coordinator - Karen Willett
Doorprize Coordinator - Judy Cain and Mary Sawyer
Chapter Pin Coordinator - Denise P
Nominating Committee Chair - Susan Slesinger


If you don't already know, the chapter has a Facebook page: If you are on Facebook and haven't "liked" our page, please do so! Also, please 'share' and 'like' the page's posts on your timelines to spread the information to your friends (and your friends' friends). 

Website Blog:
We like to 'spotlight' our chapter members on the blog, so let me know when you see members teaching at seminars, published in magazines, winning ribbons/award! We are proud of all our members, so let us know what's going on so we can share it with the whole chapter. And don't be too shy to toot your own horn!

Lisa Dunn
Marketing, CyberStitchers Chapter, EGA

Advertising on CyberStitchers website:  

The board is in the process of setting up the ability for people to advertise on our website.  The thinking is that one ad would be up for two weeks.  Most chapters have ads in their newsletters.  In the past CyberStitchers did have ads as part of the newsletter, but it fell by the wayside.  Since the newsletter is part of the website, ads can now be part of the main website. This would provide some extra revenue for the chapter, as well as enable members to find out about needlework supply sources they may not be aware of.  Pricing is being discussed and will be announced shortly.    

Chapter Pins:

Cyberstitchers is lucky to have our own Chapter Pin! You can see a picture of what this pin looks like in the files section of this yahoo group. Just go to the file section and look for "cyberstitchers pin". They really are a fun to wear especially when you are attending the National and Regional EGA Seminars.

These pins are $7.00 and that includes the postage regardless of where we are mailing.

You can pay via paying Just be sure to identify "Chapter Pin" somewhere in the payment information. For now, no checks please. Please email me for my mailing address, or just click on my name below. I will need your mailing address. As soon as I see payment, I will get your pin out to you.

Denise P, CyberPins
Chapter Pin volunteer

Special Interest Groups:
SIGs are Special Interest Groups and we have a lot of them and more coming all the time. Here are the ones we have at present that you are welcome to join. Feel free to check them out and join the ones that interest you. Remember, they are only as active as the members make them. Talk, visit, stitch but don't just lurk. That is not fun for anyone! PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME WHEN YOU ASK TO JOIN as it is easier for all of us to check your membership that way. Searching on email addresses is not always possible and frequently frustrating and often gets members rejected for no reason except "not found in database." (for designers only) - will be moving to the website soon - will be moving to the website soon

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. If I don't have the answer, someone else here probably will. These groups are only as exciting as the members who join them make them. If you don't participate, then you won't enjoy much of the experience. We learn by doing and teaching so ask the questions and do the projects or just collect them for a rainy day when you run out of things to do and we will all have fuller lives.

SIGs Chair

Sunshine Committee:

Important request! We need members to go to the Members files in the cyberstitchers-ega group and either create or update their profile in the membership directory for the sunshine committee.


The registration form is up online for Share-A-Stitch 2016 in Huntsville. 

The Region Seminar Share-a-Stitch XXXVI is scheduled for June 23-26, 2016 in Huntsville, AL.



Challenge and Challenge with a Twist

Stitching in Series with Laura Smith 


Laura Smith, an embroidery innovator and nationally known designer and teacher will be the Challenge and Challenge with a Twist consultant for 2016.  Her theme is “Stitching in Series,” creating at least three stitched designs using any form of embroidery. Registration opens January 4, 2016, closes March 31, 2016 and the final stitched pieces are due September 1, 2016. The Challenge program is for the stitcher who wants to challenge herself/himself with the theme. The Challenge with a Twist is for the stitcher who would like input from a knowledgeable consultant on the designs.

Learn More...


Designers Across America Projects and Subscription Available

Designers Across America projects and subscriptions are now available for purchase online. Jette Roy Finlay-Heath is the featured artist in the December issue of Needle Arts and she has made available to EGA members her design: A Cushion for Treasures. This project incorporates several different techniques.  The cost of the instructions is $7, postage included. EGA members may also sign up for a subscription and receive this project plus the next three projects in the Designers Across America series automatically as they become available for $25 (a 10% savings). Click to order yours today!

Order Instructions or Subscribe...


Italian Needlework Treasures Available on Video

The presentation by Vima deMarchi Micheli on Italian Needlework Treasures, filmed at the EGA National Seminar in Phoenix, is finally available on DVD!  Vima is an internationally known needleworker - in addition to her teaching and designing she has published over 25 books.  She also regularly takes groups to Italy to study Italian embroidery and lace making.

In addition to Vima’s presentation, there is a 15 minute segment of demonstration by Italian Lace embroiderers from Assisi.  This video would make a fabulous Chapter program running in total just over 90 minutes.

You can view the video by clicking below.  If you would like a DVD copy of the program, please contact headquarters and one will be mailed to you.  This project was funded in whole through a bequest from the Gay Montague Phillips estate.

Watch Video...


Through the Needles Eye:
Matching Funds Challenge
A generous member, who wishes to remain anonymous, has issued a matching donation challenge in connection with the 21st Through the Needle's Eye which will be launched at the Transylvania Community Arts Council in Brevard, NC, August 16-September 15, 2017; hosted by Carolinas Region; Rosemary Kostansek, Chair.
The member will match donations made to benefit this special event up to a total of $150 for donations made in 2015 and up to a total of $350 for donations made in 2016, or up to a total of $500 from all donors.
Members wishing to participate in the challenge should send their donation to EGA headquarters and state that it is to be applied to the 21st Through the Needle's Eye. Checks should be made payable to EGA.

Seeking ICC class  
On behalf of the Education Committee, we are continuing to seek proposals for new, different, unusual, "out of the box" Individual Correspondence Courses -- ICCs should be more challenging than the GCCs, to advance the students' learning in that technique with personal guidance from an expert in the technique.
If you are interested in making a proposal, please contact Barbara for further information.
Barbara Orend, EGA Director of Education
Telephone: 515-314-8071
Please remember Barbara is in the Central Time Zone when calling.


Extended Study Program:

Behind the Scenes in 
Santa Fe
April 17-21, 2016 
What a fantastic array of experiences awaits you in Santa Fe, where New Mexican Kathleen Weston will lead you to rewarding nooks and crannies of textiles and embroideries in and near Santa Fe.  Take a look:


Sunday, April 17, 2016, 5:00 PM:  Arrival at Inn on the Alameda, Welcome, Guacamole Cook Off  
Monday, April 18, 2016: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Villenueva tapestries, Santa Fe Opera House and/or lecture, John & Karen Waddell home and lecture
Tuesday, April 19, 2016: Buffalo Thunder Native American art, O'Keefe Home at Abiquiu, Museum  in Santa Fe
Wednesday, April 20, 2016: International Folk Museum, Textiles Treasures lecture
Thursday, April 21, 2016: El Rancho de las Golondrinas, Colcha Embroidery


One of the best experiences of this ESP is the marvelous Santa Fe Hotel is The Inn on the Alameda. The inn has been used three times for EGA events-which speaks to its excellence.  Be prepared for a wonderful breakfast array, including cooked-to-order, daily wine and cheese reception, a friendly and welcoming staff, and charming rooms and free parking. Cozy beds feature 300 thread-count Italian linens and spa bathrobes. Each room has patio or balcony, free wi-fi access, a flat screen television, in-room coffee, a guest safe and CD alarm clock.  Luggage Porterage is $6/person, if arranged prior to arrival.  Rates available for extending pre- or post- ESP.  Individuals cancelling hotel reservation must do so 14 days before arrival to avoid being charged one night's room and tax.


The Inn on the Alameda
303 E. Alameda, Santa Fe, NM 887501


You will find the link to the brochure and registration form on the  EGA website, under Education/Extended Study Programs.  

Email Patricia Goaley with questions or completed proposals!

Sand Dollar Pinkeep Project
The New England Region's SOME Chapter is happy to provide the first 'teaser' project for "SHELL WE STITCH?", NER Seminar 2017.
Denise Harrington Pratt of Amaryllis Artworks and SOME Chapter EGA will be designing a series of teaser projects in anticipation of SHELL WE STITCH? ~ NER Seminar 2017 hosted by SOME Chapter at the beautiful Cliff House Resort and Spa in Ogunquit, Maine.
A kit for the Sand Dollar Pinkeep is available for $12 + postage, it includes all supplies needed to complete the project. Multiple kits can be shipped together to save on postage. Please contact Barbara Hepburn for ordering information.

 September 1, 2015 - January 15, 2016
Winged Monarch
Trinity Lawson, Age 13
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Stitchers aged 17 years and younger from around the country submitted works for EGA's youth exhibit. More than 40 beautiful pieces are included in a variety of techniques from beading to Brazilian embroidery. Photographs of all the works are on display on the EGA website. We hope you enjoy browsing from home or visiting the exhibit in person if you are able.

EGA Headquarters
1205 East Washington Street Suite 117
Louisville, Kentucky 40206
Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm

Challenge Program Completed for 2015
Judy Jeroy, Counsultant
Thanks to those who participated in the the Challenge Program for 2015  We had a record percentage of completion for Judy Jeroy's challenge, Layering as a Design Tool. Of the 13 who registered, 11 completed their stitching projects for Judy's consultation. All sent photos and all received very helpful and positive evaluations. We hope this will inspire others to consider next year's Challenge/Challenge With a Twist with Laura Smith, Working in a Series.

Calling All Writers


Are you interested in sharing your love of embroidery in a different way?  To help cover the country and share all the current embroidery news, EGA is currently seeking members assist in writing for the EGA blog. Members want to know about what's going on in Chapters and Regions as well as about museum exhibits.


You can commit to as much or as little as you want.  Did you visit a great exhibit that you want to share?  Great.  We'll take one article!  Want to be a 'roving reporter' and share items on a more regular basis?  Great!  We'd love to have you.


All submissions can be edited for clarity and length.  For more information, or to volunteer, drop a line to


If your chapter received 
a letter from the IRS...
Additionally, the notices may be sent to prior year(s) Treasurers or Presidents. If you have received the notice and are no longer Treasurer or President, please forward it to the current Treasurer.
The response to the notice is as follows:
In Section 1 of the Response Form, in the area "If you don't think you have to file Form 990/990-EZ or 990-N for December 31, 2014" check "My organization is a subordinate organization in a group exemption and filed as part of a group return under the name The Embroiderers' Guild of America Local and Regional Chapters, with the EIN 51-0201050."
Please sign and date the form, send a copy to National Headquarters and the original to the IRS.
The 2014 group return has been finalized and is being filed. The group return includes the listing of all chapters and regions with contact information and tax ID numbers. This continues to happen because the IRS apparently has not linked the individual chapter and region EINs to the group number. The National Treasurer has repeatedly corresponded with the IRS about this issue to no avail. I assure you that we are aware of this issue and continue to attempt to resolve it.
If you have any questions about this issue, please contact me or 214-864-7644.
Thank you,
Jennifer Mullins
EGA Treasurer

Complex: The Art in Mixed Media
Call for Entries
The Embroiderers' Guild of America is seeking work for an international Exhibition of contemporary embroidery that features mixed media as its main 
theme. The exhibit will be on display at EGA National Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky from February 3 - July 15, 2016. 
All members of the EGA, the American Needlepoint Guild, the Embroiderers' Association of Canada, the Embroiderers' Guild UK, the Association of New Zealand Embroiderers' Guilds, the Australia Embroiderers' Guilds, and the Cape Embroiderers' Guilds, and the Cape Embroiderers' Guild of South Africa are invited to enter.  Guest Jurors/Curators are Shirley Kay Wolfersperger, Carole Rinard, and Ann Erdmann.
More details on the theme and submission requirements are in the call for entries. Click here to view!

Christmas Ornament Exhibit
Audubon Library, Amherst, New York
The Buffalo Chapter will be having a Christmas ornament exhibit during November at the Audubon Library in Amherst, NY.

21st Biennial Needle Art Exhibit presented by 
Skyllkill Needlework Chapter, 
The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc.
Hudson Valley, New York 
April 1-3, 2016, Fri. Sat. Sun. 10-4
New Location: Locust Grove
2683 South Road (Route 9), Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 12601

EGA Address Update
Please note that EGA is discontinuing the use of the address: 1355 Bardstown Road Suite 157. This is a mailbox that will be closed within the next year. We are in the process of updating forms and manuals. The mailbox will remain in EGA's name and checked daily for several more months. Going forward, mail should be sent to Headquarters' physical address: 1205 East Washington Street, Suite 117, Louisville KY 40206