President's Message

EGA National Seminar

“Stitching on the Barbary Coast” was a huge success. I had so much fun and really enjoyed my classes! I was so glad to see so many of you there. Several people took photos of our group, at least part of our group, after the opening banquet. Hopefully those will be posted to the Yahoo group. We even had some taken with the TVR Region Director and Assistant Region Director. They are very proud of our chapter and are enjoying that we have become so much more involved in things on a regional and national level. The days of our chapter being an oddity that no one really wanted or knew how to handle are long over. We stand strong as one of the largest and most active chapters in the TVR.

Please do not forget that I am chairing our regional seminar on behalf of CyberStitchers. Share-a-Stitch XXXI “Stitching in the Magic City” will be in Birmingham this coming June. The catalog should be available for your perusal soon and registration will open in the coming months. There are some amazing classes being offered, including several encore pieces from National Seminars. I sincerely hope that many of you will be able to attend. Regional seminars are generally more accessible and a little more affordable. Birmingham is a fun city and has a small, quiet airport that is serviced by most major airlines, including South West; which bodes well for reasonable airfare. This is only the second seminar in which CyberStitchers has been integrally involved and I hope we can make a nice showing.

I know some of you have already registered or Flaming Fandango in Naples and I look forward to seeing you there, even though my work schedule really cuts into social time, especially during lunch hour. In addition to some wonderful classes, they will be continuing the Artist Trading Card swap that was started in San Francisco. So when you have some free time or a doodle cloth, please consider making some to swap. I came home with several wonderful ones this year. It really took a lot for me to get up and go downstairs to get in a queue at 7 AM, but I really wanted the dachshund made by one of my classmates! I was number five in line, but she was ahead of me and everyone knew I exactly what I was after. I decided to take just two and wait until much later in the day to make my other picks. It was just my good fortune that I got the other dog too.

Speaking of dogs, I was almost finished with my Point Bonita Lighthouse Keepsake Box. Sadly, in a fit of pique, the dogs climbed up onto a table and dug the project bag out of my sewing basket. After chewing through the bag, they redistributed all of the pieces and parts around the living room. I think I can fix it, but I was pretty shocked by their sudden and somewhat unusual bad behavior. Then today, I noticed them all in my stitching nest acting innocent, but seemingly on the verge of mischief, so I got out my camera. I decided to make a short one act out of it, sort of a photo-graphic novella. As stitchers, I thought you might find it amusing. Maybe it will see more relevant if I tell you it features the floor stand that fellow member Cindy Smith helped procure for me and delivered at the EGA National Seminar in Chicago! Facebook Photo Album

Thanks for being there guys!
Rissa Peace Root
President, Cyberstitchers