Welcome to CyberStitchers!

We are an online chapter of the Embroiderer’s Guild of America, Inc. (EGA). Our approximately 250 members come from around the world to participate in a lively and vibrant community of embroiderers. We are a diverse lot ranging from new embroiderers to seasoned stitchers. CyberStitchers is a group dedicated to embroidery in all in its facets: skill, education, community, and outreach.

We love what we do. Cyberstitchers welcomes all manner of needleworkers. From cross-stitch to canvas, surface stitches to stumpwork, traditional techniques to modern mixed media, if you can or want to stitch it with needle and thread – we welcome you. We love to learn new things and we are eager to see what everyone is working on. We enable encourage our members in their embroidery endeavors and challenges. If this sounds like a place for you, come join us!

CyberStitchers is dedicated to increasing our knowledge of needlework. We offer members multiple educational opportunities throughout the year, from EGA's Group Correspondence Courses to online classes to Petite Projects. Our members also share their projects and knowledge on special interest lists and on our general chat list. With opportunities to learn a variety of techniques at all skill levels, there is something for everyone.

Our chapter meetings occur via email or web page in a Groups.io group. Meetings happen every odd-numbered month (January, March, May, July, September, and November) beginning on the second Thursday of the month. Because members are spread across the globe, our meetings last five days so that everyone can participate. We take attendance by poll, so you attend at you convenience. Our officers meet for board meetings on even-numbered months.

CyberStitchers is also dedicated to community outreach. With members world-wide, we have countless opportunities to reach friends and neighbors through embroidery. One of our most popular outreach programs is the breast cancer ornament auction held every year at The Attic Needlework in Arizona, U.S.A. We also stitch bookmarks for Project Literacy (a program that supports libraries with literacy programs) and kissing pillows for U.S. and Canadian service members (a program that provides deploying troops with a remembrance for their family until they return from deployment. Individual members also perform Outreach for One: projects not organized by the chapter but performed by individual members.

CyberStitchers was the first online chapter of the EGA. We were chartered in March 2000 in the Tennessee River Valley Region as a full fledged chapter. Our members receive all the benefits of the EGA and chapter membership from the comfort of their own homes. Many of our members are also members of their local EGA chapters.

So whether you are looking for an on-line resource, a supplement to your face-to-face chapter, or an online EGA chapter because you live in a place that doesn’t have one, come check us out. CyberStitchers is a fun, lively place. We're happy to welcome you.

Welcome Home!

We're excited about our new site and hope you are too!  The new site has a lot of features and things to explore, but it's still a work in progress.  As you wander through the site, note what you think is good, what you think could be improved, and give us ideas!  Leave a comment here regarding the new site by March 31st, 2012, and be entered in a drawing for one of four prizes. 

Thank you to Kelly Jackson and Andreas Welch, especially, for getting this up and running!

Update 3/12/2012 - Prize list:  The four prizes are:
1. Sherry Serafini's Sensational Bead Embroidery
2. A packet of six skeins of silk thread.
3. Rosewood Manor's Family Reunion chart.
4. An assortment of stitching tools.

First person to get picked chooses first, and so on.

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