President's Letter

President's Letter:

The President's Challenge for 2012 is "Stitching for Charity".  Since the last meeting (May) we have had 14 bookmarks stitched and sent in for our President's Challenge. Congratulations to those 4 members who stitched those bookmarks for us!

What is the President's Challenge you ask? Let me tell you. :)

The challenge is for our members to stitch "together" on a common cause. To stitch for two charities that I chose this year that I knew would be attainable by most of our members.

I know many of you are already stitching, knitting or crocheting for
your own personal outreach programs and there are many, many that are available. That is great as there are so many in need out there.

However, the two Charities I chose for the Challenge, and what has been CyberStitchers Outreach for awhile is:

Bookmarks for Literacy
and Ornaments for Breast Cancer

The Challenge is for every member to stitch at least ONE bookmark or ornament to be given to charity. The ornament or bookmark must be stitched or fall into the definition of EGA's standards. (a threaded needle must be used).

The prize is that every member will be entered into a drawing and at the end of November, one member's name will be drawn for a $50 VISA gift card.

Karen Willett is collecting the ornaments and Lynn Burshtin is collecting the bookmarks. They must have received the items before your name can be added into the drawing. Each meeting I will announce names of those who have sent items so they can receive recognition of their outreach accomplishments.

I know Karen is looking to have an ornament exchange as well, however, only those ornaments that are sent for the charity auction will be included in the challenge/drawing.

Below are the names who have sent bookmarks since the May meeting. On the CyberStitchers website you will be able to see everyone's names who have donated this year. They are located in the President's Challenge tab (tab located on the left-hand side of the

Bookmarks received since May 2012:

Barbara Smith who sent 3
Julie Baumler who sent 1
Mary Chamberlain who sent 3
Deborah Autorino who sent 7

Thank you ladies and I hope we see more by the September meeting!

Happy Stitching,

Kathie Morrison
President of CyberStitchers