President's Letter

This will be my last letter as president of CyberStitchers.  Over the past six months, I have dealt with much more factionalism, controversy, and cliquishness than I ever thought possible in such an organization.  When things calm down, it's only temporary.  They flare back up quickly as something else pops up to rally factions around.  This must stop.  It's destructive of the chapter and of friendships, stitching time, and morale.  I hope that when I leave this office, all this nastiness leaves with me.  
Please remember that you all joined this chapter for one reason: because of your love of needlework and your desire to interact with others with the same love.  Somewhere in the past six months we have lost this.  To me, it is my worst failing as president.  
I would like to thank all the volunteers, past and present, who have worked for the chapter during my presidency.  You all have done an awesome job.  
Thank you