President's Letter:

Hello all-
Have you ever had your life out of your control?  This has been happening to me for the past couple of months.  My house is falling apart and the embassy and landlord are fighting over who is going to replace our seven, yes, seven, air conditioners.  Currently, four of them work.  I was told in January to go to DC for eight months for language training ... then told never mind.  Now I am going to India in two weeks for my job instead.  The country's gas shortage, in spite of being a major oil producer, means we're running on generator every day instead of electricity.  It also means  there's no gas at the gas stations. There's a chicken meat shortage because they've banned chicken imports from everywhere.  This is on top of the usual milk, flour, and sugar shortages.
So what is a girl to do?  I've turned to stitching a lot more.  It's one of  those things that I can control.  I decide what I am going to stitch, how I am going to stitch it, and when I am going to stitch.  When all else is chaos around me, this one area of my life brings me solace.  I don't feel so helpless when I stitch.  I am in control.  How about you?
Meg in Angola