The Outreach Committee helps find stitching projects to do for charities, and offers them to the Chapter for member participation.
Ornament Auctions:
Breast Cancer Research Foundation Auction:  Members are contributing ornaments with a winter or Christmas theme.  Ornaments should be mailed to Karen Willett.  When you are ready to send an ornament to Karen, just post a message in the Chat group directed to Karen’s attention and she will send you her mailing address.  Karen should receive your ornaments by November 4th. 

It has been mentioned that this may be the last year for The Attic to hold their auction benefitting BCRF.  Let’s make our offering as stunning as it was for the EGA auction.  

Note from the Newsletter Editor: This is the last year for this amazing auction that has raised thousands of dollars for Breast Cancer Research.  Let's help it go out on a high note. Won't everyone stitch an ornament this year?

EGA Auction:  The Autumn/Halloween theme dowel tree was a great success in the auction at National Seminar in Asheville, NC.  It raised $250 for EGA.  I would like to recognize and thank the following members who contributed their time and made ornaments (sometimes more than one) for the tree: Susan Allison, Lynn Burshtin, Judy Cain, Mary Chamberlain, Mary Anne Denny, Mary Droll, Donna Finley, Leslie Gagliardi, Donna Granger, Bonnie Herrmann, Linda Liedtke, Elizabeth Little, Susan McAndrew, Jenna McClooney, Denise Perkins, Cindy Russell, Fay Shaw, Sue Sherburne, Meg Welch
We received a very nice thank you from Patty Smith-Gardner, EGA Fundraising Chairman.  It is attached to this report.
Soldier Kissing Pillows:  We were sending kissing pillows to Betsy Welch at Barksdale AFB; however, she has been assigned to a different location.  Consider it a good time to create a stockpile of Kissing Pillows for when we have either a new address for Betsy or a new outlet for distribution.  Pattern and instructions are located in the Outreach folder here:  https://cyberstitchers.groups.io/g/Meetings/files/Outreach 
Reports received so far for 2017:    
Mary Droll – 30 kissing pillow tops (January)
Outreach for One:  If you would like to participate individually in an outreach project, see the “Outreach for One” booklet in the Outreach folder by clicking the linked text above.  There you will find information on various projects involving stitching, beading, quilting, knitting, crocheting and sewing for others.
Reports I have received so far for 2017:    
Mary Droll – 5 beaded squares for Bead-It-Forward (January)
Questions on Past Participation:  During the July chapter meeting an inquiry was made about past participation in Outreach projects.  
Auction at National Seminar in 2016:  The following members stitched 23 ornaments which were displayed on a small Christmas tree and auctioned:  Susan Allison, Judy Cain, Mary Chamberlain, Angela Farrington, Leslie Gagliardi, Donna Granger, Bonnie Herrmann, Elizabeth Little, Susan McAndrew, Susan Robinson, Fay Shaw, Sue Sherburne and Meg Welch.  We never learned the dollar amount raised for EGA from this project.
BCRF Auction in 2016:  A dozen ornaments were delivered to The Attic for auction.
Kissing Pillows in 2016:
Lynn Burshtin – 21 kissing pillows (January)
Susan Cohn – 8 kissing pillow tops plus three fat quarters of patriotic fabric (June)
Bookmarks in 2016:
Susan McAndrew – 3 bookmarks for Nordic Needle’s project (turned in at their retreat)
Linda Liedtke – 4 bookmarks for her church (May)
PLEASE share any suggestions you have for outreach – group or “for one” projects – and let me know about your outreach participation so that it may be reported to the region.
Bonnie Herrmann, Chair
Outreach Committee