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A Little Book of Embroidery Basics:
  little book

A Little Book of Embroidery Basics is a collection of tips and bits of knowledge collected by the author, designed to help a beginning embroiderer with some really basic knowledge about the wonderful world of embroidery in any of its forms, and to encourage an established embroiderer to pursue beautiful stitches.

The book is available by clicking below:

Click here to download a 5.5" x 8.5 PDF file for printing in booklet format.

Kim's Stitch Book:
The instructions for the back cover and the assembly of the book have been added to the files.  I have also put photos in the album.   I am looking forward to seeing what members have done with the project, please share.
Happy Stitching

Thanks Kim!!!!  Great project!!

From Angela:
This is  topic that Cindy recommended some time ago and I'm just now getting it up for you.

Mica embroidery is used primarily as textile embellishments on clothing for the Saami people of Scandinavia. There are several articles about the people and the technique.
Enjoy and let us know if you run across anything else.

From Bonnie:
A video to check out:
This is one of the most beautiful pieces of work I've ever seen.  It's about 7 minutes long and worth every second of your time.

Editor's note:
DMC new colors:

I kept hearing about this, and then thought I was confusing it with a previous release of 16 new colors.  However, I checked my fav online needlework store, my go-to for what is new, and sure enough, there is a decorative tin available for pre-order that says it includes THIRTY FIVE new floss colors.  Wow.  They are coming out sometime in early November, although a few retailers may get them mid-October.  They are numbered 01 to 35.  This brings the total number of colors up to 500!!

One thing I notice immediately is some of the purples finally bringing a violet blue...I have had to go to Anchor for that typically.  So what are we getting?  4 new shades of grey, 5 browns from a light to a dark, 9 are labeled greens although I see a mint and the others are more olivey golds (this could be my computer screen), a peachy orange, 3 flesh tones that they refer to as darker white skin tones, and oh, the purples.  13 lucky purples.  Being that purple is my favorite color, I feel like this is a treat : ).

I believe this is the floss line at present.  I hope it comes in the perles before long!!

DMC Diamant:
This thread has been around for a few years, but wasn't well known.  It came up in discussion with some of my stitching buddies one night, and one of my friends had bought all the colors but the pink which was out of stock where she got it.  However, Mary Corbett wrote about it in 2013 https://www.needlenthread.com/2013/06/thread-talk-dmc-diamant.html . 

It is a finer metallic, and comes in 12 colors.  There is the standard light and dark golds, silver, copper, a white...but then you find Ruby Red and Green Emerald, and a neat chocolaty brown called Oak.  I am just trying it out now, but you know how it is, pretty and sparkly : ).  

There are some online shops that carry this, and amazingly, Amazon!  I'll be checking it out!