Of Interest

Of Interest

Planet Earth Fibers : I have mentioned these before. They are a line of silk fibers. I loved the colors, and the price is great. I have purchased the 6-ply silk and the single strand silk. Now Planet Earth has Silk Opal. According to what I read in Needle Pointers magazine, Silk Opal is thinner then the single strand silk so it is similar in size to Perle 5. It is reported to have a "subtle, metallic twinkle" in the fiber. Looking at pictures on their website, www.planetearthfiber.com, it looks to have hints of metallic here and there. The silk opal has 89 colors to pick from.

Kreinik: Kreinik has added a holographic thread to their metallics. They first started coming out in January and are now available in most types of Kreinik metallics. According to Kreinik, the threads are come in 16 colors and come in their Blending Filament, Very Fine #4, Fine #8, Tapestry #12, Medium #16 Braids, 1/16" ribbon, and 1/8" Ribbons. They almost appear to be like prisms; the appearance of the colors will change as you change the angle you view them at. www.kreinik.com .

Another new goodie from Kreinik is a series of 3 ornaments called Tree Jewels. They are designed by Anna-Marie Winter, and each design is available in 3 colorways: Classic, Urban, and Vintage. The ornaments are kits that come in their own little box. They seem expensive at approximatley $45, but the kit comes with everything. It includes 10 ct. mono canvas from Zweigart, needles, threads, beads, a styrofoam ball, and instructions. Kreinik also has a page on their website to detail putting the ornaments together. They look rather stunning.

New canvas colors: Zweigart has added to their color range for congress cloth. 4 new colors include khaki, powdered spice, vintage merlot, and country blue.

New Wichel colors: Wichelt Imports has added 4 new colors, Pink Sand, Ocean Kiss, Beach Walk, and Sea Lily. I saw these in my LNS and drooled. I loved the Sea Lily and need to find something to stitch on it! These colors are available in 32 ct. linen and 16 ct. Aida. The advertisement I saw for them in Just Cross Stitch says that Nora Corbett of Mirabilia fame hand-picked these colors, so perhaps we shall soon see some designs from her that use them.