Of Interest

National Tapestry Project:

Have you seen the EGA National Tapestry Project yet? The brainchild of Carol Dam and Judy Jeroy and designed by Judy, this project was first presented to EGA National in November 2002. The tapestry is made up of 5 panels that were created by painting the design on #18 mono canvas. The tapestry involved stitchers all over EGA and used many techniques. The tapestry represents the geography of our country, and the animals, birds, and plants native to each area. Once completed, the tapestry has been traveling around the country. If you would like to learn more about this fabulous tapestry, and see photos of the 5 completed panels go to http://www.egausa.org/html/national_tapestry.html .

If you wish to see this stunning work in person, from May 13, 2012 through August 26, 2012 it will be on display at the Allentown Art Museum in Allentown PA. For more information contact Kayla O'Connor or www.allentownartmuseum.org.

New EGA website:

     It was mentioned above that EGA has redone the national website.  Do go check out the Members Only Area because there is a great data base of threads and fabrics!  
     You can also see photos of the 19th National Exhibit.  There are all manor of needlework endeavors from 3D pieces to pictures.  There are all kinds of medium demonstrated. It is worth seeing what our fellow needleworkers have been up to.
     Under Resources you can find reference to books.  There is information on the Fiber Forum. Needlearts has a page to order back issues. There are links not active yet that will tell you how to submit an article to Needlearts, as well as an index of past articles.  There are photos from the EGA permanent collection and the National Tapestry with information about each.  You can find a few free charts, and an great glossary of needlework terms.  Lastly there is access to an EGA blog.
     The calendar has a new format that will take some getting used to.  I was used to seeing it all listed out.  Now there is an actual calendar to click on.  Items can be sorted by national, regional and exhibition. There is information on the Fiber Forum.  Needlearts has a page to order back issues.  There are links not active yet that will tell you how to submit an article to Needlearts, as well as an index of past articles.
     This is also the place to go to purchase EGA merchandise.  There is clothing, jewelry including pins, books, and patterns. 
     Spend some time surfing around the new site and find some hidden treasures.