Of Interest

Kim Beamish Stitch Notebook:

Thank you to our own Kim Beamish for putting together a great little stitch notebook.
If you haven't been following this project, go to  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Chat4CyberStitchers/files , go to the Stitch Book, and join in the fun.    (Note: this link will eventually move to groups.io and will be announced.)

Nicola Jarvis through National:

We all saw Nicola's wonderful designs this year when we had the opportunity to stitch her rose or her robin.  National is now showing us her Fox and Willow.


$7.00 each
To order go here: 

Nicola Jarvis writes, "This little fox stole into our late summer garden on a morning draped with brambles and ivy flowers. Through my window I caught sight of him and think he sensed my surprise, as he sniffed the air delicately. Under our pink willow tree he stood stock still, ready to flee in an instant or to attack, snow-tipped ears pricked and coal black eyes scanning the lawn and bushes. His coat of burnt orange brindled with chestnut, russet patterns swirling in my mind's eye forever."

(Click on pictures above to enlarge them.)

Automatic Needle Threader Device:

How often do you struggle to thread a fine needle?  This is actually on a quilter's page, but what a neat thingy!  On my Facebook feed up popped QuiltsSupply.com with this neat little gadget.
It is different than the typical wire that you put through the needle eye and then put the thread through it.  With this one the eye of the needle is set in the end of the tool, a button is pushed to push up a little mini hook, and you wrap the thread around the hook.  The hook then pulls the thread through.  It is simply called Automatic Needle Threader Device.  I looked further and found packs of them on Wal-Mart's webpage, etc.