From the Education Committee:

All three BEEs are now underway. I hope you all have fun with the classes. This is the first round of them we've had with the new so there may be some glitches. Please let me or the internet committee know if you have problems or questions about anything.
The special class with Kurdy Biggs, Build your Own Geometric, will begin on October 15. The email group has been created and those who signed up for the class have been added to the group. Please check the files section for the supplies list, especially if you opted to not purchase a kit. Again, if you have any problems with the technology let me or the internet committee know.
Keep stitching for the UFO challenge and get those projects off your list.
We had a chapter stitching project for September, Purple Mountain Majesty, a petite project from the EGA website. If anyone would like to introduce a small project for the November meeting let the education committee know. It can be a petite project from the EGA website, a Little Extra from the CyberStitcher's website, or a small project found elsewhere on the internet. It doesn't have to be something you are an expert at, just something you find interesting and you think the chapter would enjoy doing. It just needs to be small enough that it can be finished in a few hours.

From National:


GCC Lightening Rounds:

What is a Lightning Round?

EGA recently introduced “The GCC Lightning Rounds”!  These are four rotating courses that are offered quarterly for all EGA members to register for without a group.  This is particularly favorable for Members-At-Large and small EGA chapters that have difficulty filling a larger group in order to take a Group Correspondence Course.  “The GCC Lightning Rounds” will include four courses every three months.  The registration schedule for these quarterly courses is as follows: March to May, June to August, September to November, and December to February. The time to complete your course remains the same – just the window for registration is limited.

The following group courses are open to individuals at the special rate of $30 per student plus text fee.

New GCCs:

New Group Correspondence Course: Noel  

Taught by Barbara Kershaw


Noel has been designed to continue your exploration of Schwalm Embroidery. A design of hearts, birds and ribbons comes together to create a beautiful Christmas stocking.  


GCC Noel

New Group Correspondence Course: Papillon  

Taught by Adrienne G. Meyer


Papillon is an introductory Group Correspondence Course on filet embroidery. In this 5-lesson course participants will learn briefly about the history of filet work.  


New Group Correspondence Course: Fancy Flowers Temari  

Taught by Barbara B. Suess


A display of beautiful flowers is always welcome. Group these temari with others made in a pastel palette for a lovely decoration for spring in your home. This advanced level course includes patterns for three different temari - Mountain Laurel, Lillies, and Camellia.