Chapter and National News

Chapter and National News

From the Editor

Hi All,

Unfortunately I find myself apologizing one more time for our newsletter being so late. Normally our first issue of the year would have come out the end of March. Just as I was ready to put the newsletter together, my hard drive on my computer had a meltdown. I called up our computer tech and he discovered that while the data was still there, the computer would not boot up - a minor crisis. He took my computer to the computer hospital to replace the drive and put my files onto it, and there I was. I could read my email and surf the 'Net on my netbook and phone, but that was about it. The computer was gone for over a month. The good news is, wearing my Historian hat, the older files of the history of CyberStitchers were safe....this computer is only 2 years old and all the files from my previous computer rest safely on a stand alone hard drive.

Finally the computer has come home and I hope we are now back on track. To get us back and running I will still get in 4 issues: May, July, September, and December, getting us back to our usual schedule which SHOULD be March, June, September, December. As always, if anyone has anything to contribute to the newsletter: things of interest, items for the calendar, etc., please email me.

For our new members, we have built in links to websites mentioned, and to emailing people you may need to contract. If you see a link mentioned and the letters are blue, click on that link and you will be taken there. You will note that I do not put folks' actual emails in the newsletter. If you click on their name in blue, you will be able to email them. If you have a problem, let me know!

I also encourage members to share - if you have found a great needlework book, took a great class with a great teacher, have some neat stitching tips to share - let me know so I can include it in the newsletter. Also, if there are some interesting needlework related events in your area, let me know so that I may add them onto the calendar. With the size of our membership, and the area we cover, chances are if there is something happening near you, some of our chapter may be interested in attending.

I thank you for you patience these past two issues with virus attacks and dying hard drives. It has been a bit traumatic at this end : ).

Sue Sherburne
Newsletter Editor

A Project Contest:

This meeting (May, 2012), we have decided to do something a little bit extra. We hope you like it. There is a project on The Embroiderers' Guild of UK site, A Little Gem by Yvonne Close. You can see the instructions here: . Over the past several years, many American members have noted the difference in instruction between American and British stitch sources. I
have taken a typical British design and made it more accessible for Americans. I hope that through this example, more Americans will
attempt British designs in future. Go to the Chat4Cyberstitcher's Yahoo Group, click on the Files link in the left navigation sidebar or follow this link: Then look for Little Gem.pdf. (NOTE: This version was made solely for the use of CS Members. Please do not share without permission.)

Complete the project, upload a picture to the right folder in Chat4Cyberstitchers, and.... you will be entered to win a very nice beeswax heart! It's straight from the beekeeper and weighs about 100 g (lots of beeswax). I'll post a picture of the prize on the group blog.

So, to sum up: Complete A Little Gem. Post a photo in the Chat4 folder for it. Be entered to win some beeswax.

Meg in Moldova

Who's Who for Cyberstitchers with their CyberStitchers emails:

Kathie Morrison may be reached at
Meg Welch at
Kelly Jackson at and
Susan McAndrew at
Demaris Burleson at
Sue Sherburne at and
Ellen Sedlak at
Meg Welch at
Lynn Burshtin at
Rissa Peace Root at
Karen Willett at
Kathie Morrison at
Anne Wilson, CyberPins CyberPins

Payments to the Chapter:

Most payments can now be done through our website. You can pay your dues, register for your BEEs classes, etc. Anyone mailing a check for whatever purpose, PLEASE include your name and EGA # on the memo line for checks, or in the Notes section for PayPal. With our large membership it will make life a LOT easier on any of our volunteers that need to handle payments.


Dues for the 2012-2013 EGA year are as follows:
Primary members of CyberStitchers: $50
Plural members of CS (with the primary chapter being within TVR): $10
Plural members of CS (with the primary chapter being outside TVR): $13
Life Member: $13 (this covers Regional and Chapter dues, as your dues to
National are paid forever)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at and I will be happy to answer them for you!
Thank you, everyone!

Kelly Jackson
Membership Chair

Chapter Pins:

Cyberstitchers is lucky to have our own Chapter Pin! You can see a picture of what this pin looks like in the files section of this yahoo group. Just go to the file section and look for "cyberstitchers pin". They really are a fun to wear especially when you are attending the National and Regional EGA Seminars.

These pins are $7.00 and that includes the postage regardless of where we are mailing.

If you are interested, you can pay via paypal at or for our Canadian members. The payee is Just be sure to identify "Chapter Pin" somewhere in the payment information. You can also send a check to me, payable to Cyberstitchers, just email me for my mailing address. Regardless, of how you purchase one, please email me (click on my name below) and give me YOUR mailing address and that you are wanting to purchase a chapter pin. As soon as I see payment, I will get your pin out to you.

Anne Wilson, CyberPins
Chapter Pin volunteer

Special Interest Groups:

SIGs are Special Interest Groups and we have a lot of them and more coming all the time. Here are the ones we have at present that you are welcome to join. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME WHEN YOU ASK TO JOIN as it is easier for all of us to check your membership that way.
Searching on email addresses is not always possible and frequently frustrating and often gets members rejected for no reason except "not found in database." (for designers only)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. If I don't have the answer, someone else here probably will. These groups are only as exciting as the members who join them make them. If you don't participate, then you won't enjoy much of the experience. We learn by doing and teaching so ask the questions and do the projects or just collect them for a rainy day when you run out of things to do and we will all have fuller lives.

SIGs Chair

Sunshine Committee:

Important request! We need members to go to the Members files in the cyberstitchers-ega group and either create or update their profile in the membership directory for the sunshine committee.


Share-a-Stitch XXXII is June 21-24 in Kingsport, TN. It is sponsored by our own Tennessee Valley Region at the Meadowview Marriott Hotel in Kingsport, TN. For information, contact Vera Grimsley or 304-755-2956 or visit .

Also, this year is the first that our region has offered a "non-participant" option, where folks who are not able to take a class can pay for banquet, favors, a name tag and brochure. This has been done at the national level for many years, but it is new for our region. :-)


EGA National Headquarters:

The EGA National office has been moved to the following address:
EGA HEADQUARTERS, 1355 Bardstown Road Suite 157, Louisville, KY 40204

National news:

Logo for EGA Santa Fe seminar


Don't miss this important date! Make sure that your Seminar 2012 Registration form is postmarked as of June 1 OR E-mail dated - June 1



See the Seminar 2012 brochure (packaged with the March issue of Needle Arts magazine) OR visit the EGA website to view the brochure and print the registration form.

All registrations postmarked after June 1 will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration CLOSES August 15, 2012


The seminar room block has been expanded. Call 1-800-HILTONS to reserve your room.

The expanded room block offers king bed upgrades with balconies at $169 with two nights prepaid and nonrefundable. And sporadically, a few rooms in our original block become available when Early Registrants regretfully must cancel their seminar plans. Remember to specify our group codes, EGA12 (original block) or EGA12P (expanded block).

Connie Fudge, Registrar EGA 2012 Seminar
PO Box 1728, Blaine, WA 98231-1728
Phone: 208-755-2836

News from EGA National by Susan Hacker Nelson :

Fiber Forum Jurying 2012:

Congratulations to the following candidates who have successfully juried into Fiber Forum: Kendra Anderson, Janis Hooker, Penny Hurst, Deborah Johnson, Catherine Jordan, Lee Ann Kleeman, Ayelet Lindenstrauss Larsen, Judith Baker Montano, Cathy Rocca, Karen Schueler, and Carol Lynn Stratton. Fiber Forum thanks jurors Karin Birch and Siân Martin for their careful critiques of each piece submitted.

National Seminar Committee:

The national board is pleased to announce that the following people have been approved to serve on the newly formed National Seminar Committee:


Judy Jeroy - Seminar Director

Theresa Lang - Treasurer

Lois Threlkeld - Registrar

Congratulations, ladies, and thank you for agreeing to serve EGA in this capacity.

Five Year Service Award!

On May 14, 2012, Tonya Parks (EGA Membership Coordinator), celebrated five years of service with EGA! Tonya's loyal and dedicated service along with her great smile is an asset to EGA. Congratulations Tonya!

Coming in April 2014

Through the Needle's Eye, the 20th EGA National Exhibit, Palmer Lake, Colorado

What a perfect setting for your next inspired design! Imagination, inspiration, and a needle can carry you all the way to the mountains of Colorado. The next National Exhibit will debut in historic Palmer Lake, Colorado, nestled up against the majestic front range of the Rockies, home of Chautauqua and a peaceful place of natural beauty. A call for entries will be coming later this year.

Effective immediately India Hayworth will not be taking any new students for her Design for Needlework ICC until September 21, 2012. If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Pierce, ICC Chair.

March Designers Across America Project Correction

Marie Campbell, featured designer in the March 2012 issue of Needle Arts, has made a correction to her project Garden Path. The correction can be found on the homepage at in the What's New area or contact Brad Cape.

If you have not yet ordered this beautiful project, the deadline is May 31. To order, send a check for $7 along with your name and address to EGA Headquarters. H.Q. is Seeking Historical Materials

Long before there was Needle Arts there was The Bulletin Report of the Embroiderers Guild American Branch. Bulletins 1 through 11 are not part of our historical archive and we are seeking copies to complete our collection. Should you have documents, circa 1958-63, please contact Lorie Welker.