CyberStitchers Meetings:

January 11-16, 2018:

General meeting of CyberStitchers from 9PM (ET) Thursday, January 11 through 9PM (ET) Tuesday, January 16.

February 8-13, 2018:

Board meeting of CyberStitchers from 9PM (ET) Thursday, February 8 through 9PM (ET) Tuesday, February 13.

March 8-13, 2018:

General meeting of CyberStitchers from 9PM (ET) Thursday, March 8 through 9PM (ET) Tuesday, March 13.

April 12-17, 2018:

Board meeting of CyberStitchers from 9PM (ET) Thursday, April 12 through 9PM (ET) Tuesday, April 17.


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If anyone knows of other events that should be included here. Please let me know. We cover a wide-spread geographic area, and as people travel they may want to check out other things that I have missed. Please put CS in the subject line. - Sue Sherburne



Nov. 1, 2017-Jan. 24, 2018: 21st National TNE Exhibit, Louisville, KY 
Feb 1-26, 2018: 21st National TNE Exhibit, Cookesville, TN 
April 3-May 12, 2018: 21st National TNE Exhibit, Gilbert AZ 
April 26-28, 2018:
 7th International Embroidery Conference (IEC), Chicago, IL 
October 3-7, 2018: EGA National Seminar 2018 Diamond Jubilee, Louisville, KY 
October 30 - Nov. 3, 2019: National Seminar 2019 Gateway to Stitching, St. Louis, MO

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Region around EGA:

June 1-3, 2018: Mid-Eastern RegionFacetsin Stitches, NY 
June 12-16, 2018: South Central Region,GuilDy Treasures, TX 
June 21-24, 2018: Tennessee Valley Region Seminar Blooming Stitches, TN 
July 20-25, 2018: Greater Pacific Region Seminar Days of Vines and Stitches, CA 
April 5-7, 2019: Metropolitan Region Seminar, Savvy Stitching, NJ 
June 19-22, 2019: South Central Region,Explore The Arts, AR 
June 26-30, 2019: Tennessee Valley Region, Country Rhodes, WV


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