CyberStitchers EGA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for CyberStitchers EGA is made up of the elected officers (Executive Committee), the region representative, the Parliamentarian, and standing committee chairs.  The current members of the Board are:

Executive Committee:
President - Angela DeForest
Vice President/Internet VP -  Amy Kurtzman
Secretary - Lisa Dunn
Treasurer - Valerie Ysmael

Region Representative - Lisa Dunn
Parliamentarian - Cynthia Steinhoff

​Standing Committee Chairs:
Membership - Susan McAndrew​
Newsletter - Sue Sherburne
Historian - Sue Sherburne
Education - open
Marketing - open
Outreach - open
Sunshine - Judy Cain
Doorprize Coordinator -  Carol Herrmann
Chapter Pin Coordinator - Carol Herrmann​
Nominating Committee Chair - open
Website Coordinator - Bill Herrmann
SIGs Coordinator - open
Assistant Internet Vice President - open